Wednesday, September 02, 2009

I'm Back!

To all of my faithful readers, I have let you down. I haven't updated in months and I am not going to apologize because I have been occupied to the point of exhaustion during the past 6 months. I guess I'll start where I left off. It really is amazing how one's opinions can change in such a short amount of time. I still would consider myself a conservative of sorts, but not to the degree that I used to be. Maybe it's what I warned about all along, the liberal higher-education system and the way it slowly morphs one's political leanings, but I truly think it may just be because I am getting older and have become a bit wiser. Do I like Obama? Well, not really. He's biting off way more than he can chew. I think the town-hall meetings over the course of the August recess will give voice to that. Of course there are some crazies who paint the entire opposition in a negative light, yet I think it's important to realize that our congressmen and congresswomen are beholden to us, the people who vote them into power. If they don't want to participate in a town-hall they don't have to. It's a whole other issue if they decide to put on a town-hall meeting and ostracize any opposing opinion, saying that the comments by the people who have come to voice disapproval of Obamacare are completely irrelevant. Obama ran a rather conservative campaign, trying to bring undecided voters over to his "Yes we can!" campaign. All rhetoric, no substance. Well, it looks like his campaign slogan should be revised to "Well maybe we can, if we cut out all bipartisanship and pass bills that half the American people are in support of." We've since learned that Obama is not the conservative democrat he portrayed during the course of the election. As of today, he has decided against a public option for health care, which is a first step to reaching some sort of agreement and is in the spirit of bipartisan relations in congress. I guess we'll see what Obama says when he addresses the congress on September 9. If the democrats don't pass some sort of health reform bill, they can say good bye to any majority in congress come 2010. Their whole future rests on this one issue and I have to say that I believe that it won't pass and that either a bipartisan health reform bill will pass or else they will scrap it. Earlier today, House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer said that the health care bill will not increase taxes or deficit spending and must be completely paid for before he votes for it. Should we believe Mr. Hoyer? Probably not. He's going to do what's best for his party and will vote for it even if it raises taxes for the middle class and higher socio-economic brackets. Obama's approval ratings are in the tank and if he doesn't spell out to the American people what his plan is for this health bill, he won't be reelected in 2012. He now has an approval rating of 53% according to a CNN/Opinion Research Poll, the lowest of his time in office. I'd say I'm pretty good at predicting political outcomes, just look at my previous post regarding who would win the republican and democratic nomination as well as my prediction that Obama would become our 44th president. Thanks for reading. Comments are always appreciated. In my next post, I will talk about how the talking heads on the right, such as Rush Limbaugh, Bill O'Reilly, and Glenn Beck, are suffocating the republican party and are painting conservatives in a negative light.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

The New Guy

And they shout in a unified cadence "O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA! O-BA-MA!" On Monday, January 19th, we inaugurated the 44th President of the United States. While that alone is exciting for many of the people who came to watch history take place, the fact that this newly minted president is African-American is even more significant, if you'll allow me to opine. It was a momentous day for a minority that has been historically left behind and is now starting to return with a vengeance. I, of course had class during the inauguration address, but with the benefit of technology I was able to DVR the entire 6 hours of inauguration coverage and watch it when I had the time. Of course I didn't watch all 6 hours. As it was, most of the coverage was pointless. I had forgotten how inaugurations work, considering that I haven't really seen one since President Bush was elected in 2000. It was really quite interesting, from a political perspective. To say that the festivities were grand, would be an understatement. I had no idea how much money was actually required to create an event of this caliber. Unfortunately, it's quite a bit. By quite a bit I mean over $150 million. This is quite a bit of money to fork over when the nation is in a deep recession. As I was watching the coverage, I found several things very intriguing and disturbing. First of all, I started out watching President Bush, President-elect Obama (at the time), Vice President Cheney, and Vice President-elect Biden posing for a photo at the White House. It was almost eerie to see these men in the most important positions in the world acting as if they had always been the best of buddies. I suppose one would hope that people in high governmental positions would know how to be civil and respectful toward one another. I don't know if it's ironic or not, but seeing Cheney in a wheelchair spoke volumes about the Bush Administration and it's failures and injuries while in office. It would sure have been interesting to be a fly on the wall in the limo with Cheney and Biden, since Biden used some very strong wording during the campaign when talking about Cheney and his bulldog tactics. So, fastforwarding, we then arrive at Capitol Hill, where the VIPs, political dignitaries, and American heroes are introduced and then take their seats. President Bush was booed, as was to be expected from the crowd of Obama supporters. Then, fastorwarding again, and we have Chief Justice John Roberts flubbing the Presidential Oath of Office in front of a crowd of 2 million and Obama clearly pronouncing his name in the oath "I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear..." it was a poignant moment, to say the least. Then we have Obama's inauguration speech. In my opinion, the speech was a good choice on Obama's part. Many conservatives are critical of Obama's use of rhetoric during the presidential campaign but this speech was strong and to the point. Some have said that is was his worst speech, while others have characterized it as being "too somber" to lift the nation's spirits from the crisis we are facing. I appreciated the serious demeanor of the speech and a call for personal responsibility. I also liked the fact that he didn't play the race card too much. I thought what he said about the momentous occasion of a black man becoming president was straight to the point. I also liked his statement that ,"The question we ask today is not whether our government is too big or too small, but whether it works - whether it helps families find jobs at a decent wage, care they can afford, a retirement that is dignified. Where the answer is yes, we intend to move forward. Where the answer is no, programs will end. And those of us who manage the public's dollars will be held to account - to spend wisely, reform bad habits, and do our business in the light of day - because only then can we restore the vital trust between a people and their government." Then, after the speech we head the new President Obama escorting President Bush and Laura Bush to the helicopter to head back to Texas. Continuing on, we had the coverage of the Beast (the new Presidential limo) moving at 2 mph and then the parade. Don't even get me started on the insignificance of that! I basically stopped watching at this point. The parade that followed was, in my opinion, a huge waste of time, energy, and money.

So, I've had a couple weeks to think about Obama's transition into office. First of all, his administration has closed Guantanamo, but hasn't come up with a solution as to where to hold these prisoners. The Congress has passes an $819 billion stimulus package. To say I am in favor of what is included would be completely false, but it's politics. The fact that not a single House Republican voted for the bill speaks to the lack of bipartisanship we've become accustomed to. There is simply no reason to include millions of dollars for STD prevention. It's something that's getting Conservatives riled up, but in my opinion it is less than 1 tenth of a percentage of the whole stimulus package, so it's really just a way to get the Republican base behind them. So really, I guess we'll just have to see where he takes us these next four years.

One of the things that has me fuming is the attacks on Rush Limbaugh. Liberals tell us they're tolerant of differing beliefs, yet this is not true at all. I don't complain about CNN and The New York Times, and MSNBC with it's Marxist commentators, but one thing that really irks me is this whole idea about the reinstatement of The Fairness Doctrine. It is anything but fair. Liberals are constantly and consistently attacking Limbaugh over what he says because they are scared of him and because Conservatives have a monopoly on talk radio. They are scared that if too many people listen--actually listen--to what he has to say, they will agree with most of it. Apparently Pelosi doesn't answer questions related to Limbaugh since she is "nonpartisan", which is hogwash! She is the dumbest and least articulate Speaker of the House ever!! One of Obama's actions should be to replace her, if he can even do that. I seem to remember reading an article saying that this is a possibility. Like I said, Liberals are not tolerant! They hate the freedom of speech on college campuses and hate when people say hurtful things, even if they might be true. I've always been of the opinion that it's best to understand that others have different opinions and to simply not acknowledge them or even allow them to be heard, that, my friends, is a violation of our fundamental right of free speech. History is history, and people are enthralled by a black man becoming president, which is to be expected. But my question to you is when do people actually set aside the historical ramifications and start to ask the tough questions that really matter? When do we stop being so awed by Obama's "godliness" that we actually start to accomplish things in a bipartisan mannner? When will the American people finally see that Obama isn't all he's cracked up to be, thus far, and start to hold him accountable to all of his promises? Those are the questions you should all ask yourselves to finally get America on the right track again.

Friday, November 21, 2008

The Political Climate is "Changing"

So, Obama is our next president. Indeed, this will be an interesting four years. So, what exactly can Obama do that will change the way things are going right now? This economic crisis is affecting everyone right now and I know many companies are laying people off, cutting salaries, and even suspending certain projects. How will Obama fix this mess? Well, to put it lightly I don't think the market has adjusted yet to the idea of a president-elect Obama. It can't go unnoticed that he is America's first African-American president, which is a great thing. I like Obama. I think he is an eloquent speaker and a man of integrity, yet I question some of his judgments. The shift from republican to democrat back to republican administrations is well known. This is what happens when the public is discontent with an administration's policies, they shift teams to see if the other side can fix the problems the current side has neglected. Remember Jimmy Carter? Remember how he was such an insignificant president? Well, I think Obama is going to be the exact same. People are enthralled by Obama's populist message, yet they don't know what to expect except this buzzword of "change". The Dow is looking bleak, foreclosures are occurring at rates never seen before, the American public is questioning the future of our great country because of mistakes made by past administrations, and the integrity of hands-off economy is being threatened by all of these bailouts. Where does it all end? It's not all Bush's fault. I think we'd like to say it is, but it's not. He, of course, had a great impact, but Clinton and Bush, Sr. both are at fault as well. The question is how do we restore America. Could the end of the great superpower of the US be in our immediate future? Possibly. That thought really doesn't worry me too much. I think it's important to note that if the US were to fall to having less political and economic clout, we would still be on equal footing with the other major countries in the world. America is still the greatest country in the world, but we are seeing that it too has faults and crises that call into question the vitality of such a nation. It doesn't look like the "change" everone was expecting is going to be change at all. Obama's bringing in old faces who have been in Washington for a long time. Is this change? Absolutely not. I guess we'll just have to wait to see what happens...until then brace yourselves.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Today is election day, and although I'm abroad I am studying it very closely. I don't think this election will be "over" for awhile, considering all of the legal uproar surround voting practices (machines, not enough ballots, etc..) however I do believe that it will be a very close election, much closer than most people are predicting. I do think that there is the real possibility of McCain winning, yet it's quite a long shot. My prediction is that Obama will not win by a landslide, but just enough electoral and popular votes to win him the election. I do appreciate the comments I've been getting. MadHoosier had some good points and I appreciate your input. We'll know the results soon enough. Until then, happy voting!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A Choice Must Be Made

Well, to update a little bit, I am sorry for my lack of posts considering I've been abroad for the last month and a half. I have also been sheltered somewhat from the international media with a very slow internet connection and language barrier. But I do want to say that the time has finally come where I must make a choice for who I want to govern our great nation. One thing I've been trying to stay up to date on has been the debates. If anything, the pick of Sarah Palin as John McCain's vice presidential nominee was exhilarating at first but I think it was a disastrous move on his part in the long run. The more I hear about Palin and her background, the more I dislike her. Palin is incredibly inexperienced, not that Obama isn't, but she's probably a bit more so. Now, if McCain dies while in office, considering he is 72 and won't release his medical records, the American people have quite a dilemma on their hands. Sarah Palin as president would be a complete unknown. Hypothetically, she may appoint advisors who have years of experience and knowledge, however she is so inexperienced in the field of foreign policy that her decisions may negate anything her advisors say. The pick of the Alaskan governor has in fact made me question who I should vote for again. There are so many cons to both McCain and Obama. I wonder what would be better: McCain wins, the world hates the US once again, we experience Bush economics once again (not in a positive way) , a larger income gap emerges between the middle class and upper class, taxes are cut, we have strong foreign policy experience (or so he says), and we have a president who could croak at any moment or Obama wins, the world loves the US again, our taxes are increased, he can pass anything he wants with a complete democratic majority in the house and senate, the economy would be unpredictable, science and environmentalism would flourish and taxes would be raised to support such endeavors, and the American people who can't afford healthcare would be given a viable option, while small business owners are given the shaft. Again, we have two candidates who are terrible and who I don't want governing this great country of ours, but I have to make a decision at some point. I think there's a case to be made for the balance of power. The Republicans have held the throne for too long and corruption and loss of interest in politics among the American people has been the main result. I truly can't say yet who I am voting for, but my vote is leaning towards Obama, although I hate to say that. Now, if McCain had actually picked someone who was qualified to be president I'd probably to more enthusiastic in voting for him (although I still might). It is, in my opinion, the greatest faux pas he's made this entire election. The pick of Palin worries me the most and of course McCain's age. They both have their follies, the Keating-5 with McCain and the Ayers scandal with Obama. They are both terrible choices, and I probably will be disappointed either way. There's the real possibility that their vice presidential picks will matter more in this election than any other in history. We've seen how much of an impact vice presidents can have on policies and decisions, take for example Dick Cheney. First, we have an older man which is obviously a risk. Then we have a black man who may be the first African-American president in this country's history and might stir up racial tensions within the south. Now, if the laws of succession were to be employed in the case of death of McCain or Obama, I'd feel more comfortable with Joe Biden being our president. I just can't stand how McCain picked such a nitwit to be his running mate, obviously trying to carry over those women voters that were going to be voting for Hillary. Be as it may, I've yet to make my final decision on the candidates. I'll of course keep you updated on who I choose, but I am almost positive that Obama will win the election. Of course, if you have any persuasive comments about who I should choose, be sure to leave them. Until next time...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Press Corps of Whores

My title for this post is probably not the most appealing or even "politically correct" however, in my opinion, describes the recent pandemic of Obamaphilia in the media and in other political outlets. This disease, as some see it, is spreading like wildfire, not only in the United States but in liberal havens of Europe and terrorist states within the Middle East. They love him over there, just like the liberals love him here. I've got to admit that he is an interesting character and is rather charismatic, making me question whether I should support McCain in the long run or whether it is time for a "change". I've got many college friends who are biting at the bit in anticipation for the first black president of the United States. To many, he is just a symbol that America has grown into a nation of diversity and acceptance. This is, in fact, a fairy tale. The most liberal member of the senate is now the democrat's nominee for president. I could either vote for a man, who's background I know very little about and who has very little experience of any type in foreign policy, or I could vote for an old white man who is dead set on staying in Iraq forever and who's main campaign motto is vetoing any bills with earmarks. Again, I have the choice between two candidates who I don't like. I don't want to pick the lesser of two evils. As many of my readers know, I'm against the Iraq War. I like the whole idea of democratization, yet we did it in the wrong way and war shouldn't have been the answer. I've long voiced a favorable opinion of Ron Paul, as I still do to this day. Ron Paul will never be president, but his ideas will carry on to someone new who will become president one day. I have one of four options I can vote for Obama, McCain, write in Ron Paul, or not vote at all. I have not decided on anything yet. To get back to the focus of this post, I wanted to talk about the media fascination with Obama. He's got all 3 big networks on his trip to the Middle East. It's really the media who will decide this election for us. They will sway the opinions of so many undecideds that they will cost McCain the election. I think it goes without saying that Obama will most likely win the election, unless some bombshell comes out during the next phase of the election. It's disgusting how the media is pandering to his every desire.

I also want to say that the liberals who are upset about the New Yorker cover shouldn't be upset at all. It's really kind of funny because the message it conveys is exactly what some people on the very Conservative spectrum believe. They believe Obama is a Muslim with the middle name of Hussein, that he and his wife hate America and just want to turn it into a socialist empire, and that they worship Osama Bin Laden. Of course these are all idiotic beliefs. There are some small grains of truth in the cover but most of it is exaggerated way out of proportion for the shock value, like the fact that Obama doesn't wear a flag pin. Does that make him a supporter of Osama Bin Laden, less patriotic, or more real? I don't have an issue wearing a flag pin, but if I don't want to that certainly would not mean that I hate my country or that I was less patriotic than some of the public officials who blindly wear it simply to get elected. Anyway, that is all I have to say for now. I will be updating more in the future.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Hillary's Dreams Crushed's been quite awhile since I've updated. It seems to me that this is becoming a common occurence on this blog, and for that I apologize to all of my faithful followers. Politics...right? I can't mention everything since my last post because if I did I would be writing for hours and hours. I will cover some of the main attractions, to put it simply. Hillary is all but done in the presidential race. It's a numbers game and Hill doesn't have the numbers to compete against Obama anymore and really hasn't for the last 2 months. There was a public outcry against Obama following the Reverend Wright fallout. It seems to be, although I am only a novice at political strategy, that Rev. Wright was probably working closely with Hillary Clinton. I know that he has said that he will not support Obama if he is the Democratic nominee and that he was in fact supporting Hillary. Obviously, the scandal worked in her favor for a couple of weeks, but since that time people have started to realize that this crazy, radical man by the name of Jeremiah Wright is probably a back-stabber, partially the reason as to why Obama has maintained a lead over Hill. I should also mention the RFK assassination remarks. I truly don't believe that using this to imply that Obama has a possibility of being assassinated was one of Hillary's motives. In hindsight though, it was probably not the smartest thing to say as her campaign is slowly disintegrating. I think Hillary does have some selfish intentions though. I am beginning to think that she doesn't even care if it is a democrat in the White House or not. If it's not her, she's going to fight Obama to the convention and beyond just because she wants a chance at the nomination in 2012, even if she has to sacrifice one of her own. McCain worries me. I have never been supportive of him. His campaign has stayed behind the scenes of the Democratic primary battle, keeping him out of the spotlight. It's probably helped out his campaign a bit as well. As gas prices rise and the dollar continues to decline, I have to wonder how much a Republican would help the American people. I'm probably just going to write in Ron Paul, just because I can. He actually understands economics and that's why I like him, among other things.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

McCain Soars

It's been awhile since my last post, but now I really have an abundance of information to talk about with all of you. First of all, I cannot go any further until discussing the Eliot Spitzer scandal. So, Governor (or should I say Former Governor) Eliot Spitzer of New York was found to have been having sexual relations with a high-priced escort. The Justice Department found that Spitzer had been structuring his accounts in order to make it look as if large amounts of money were not missing. This, of course, did not work. A person in such a high position of power can never get away with that. A man who was once called "the crusader" and was the face of bringing down corruption was found to be involved with a prostitution ring, just like the ones he prosecuted. Ironic, isn't it? From the reports I've heard, Spitzer was not very well liked by many people on Wall Street and was said to have a huge amount of hubris. I guess it's true what they say that with pride comes before the fall. So, this man, (should I even call him that?) rather this monster of a human being, had to involve his beautiful wife and daughters in this whole fiasco. I feel very sorry that they had to be involved in this man's mistakes. He has been seeing these prostitutes for over 10 years now, according to some reports. His wife would have to know that something was going on, but I guess she could have just been ignorant. Now the hooker is receiving a $1 million deal to pose nude in a magazine. What a travesty. His replacement, Patterson, has now admitted that he had an affair with a woman during a separation between he and his wife. I guess it's probably pretty common with public officials, but one would assume that they would live rather honest lives being in public life.

McCain has been rising in the polls. Want to know why? The infighting between Obama and Hillary is bringing them both down. Mario Cuomo was right that this fighting between the two is 'ruinous' to the party as a whole. The Republicans have had time to accept McCain as the nominee, but it might be a very different story for Hillary or Obama. They may not know their nominee is until the Democratic Convention. That, in my opinion, is really unfortunate for the democrats out there. There are certainly going to be some democrats who won't even vote because it is either a white woman or a black man. I think that Obama still has a shot against McCain but Hillary has absolutely no chance of beating him. With the recent Ferraro comment about Obama's race and the Rev. Wright scandal surrounding Obama, race is a primary topic for him right now. I also think that is unfortunate because until this time race hasn't been discussed at all. That's how it should be. We shouldn't have to talk about race. I had a lot of respect for Obama because he tried not to pull the race card, but now my views have changed. I was thinking that if McCain wasn't doing so well, I would vote for Obama. I have since changed my mind and this race speech was a major reason why. It was great speech, don't get me wrong, but I don't think it was appropriate at this time in the race. He should have waited until after he secured the nomination. He's such an eloquent speaker that you just want to agree with everything he says, but if he continues to talk about race and how rich, white people are to blame for everything, then I will rule him out as an option. McCain has gained my support. Do I really like the three candidates? No I don't, but I will have to make some concessions it seems. I am not a fan of the Iraq War, but I do not want government mandated health insurance program. I don't agree with McCain on many issues yet I think he has shown that he can make concessions as well, which is the mark of a true leader. He can be involved on both sides of the aisle. If Obama scales down his rhetoric a bit, I might still look to him as an option, yet I can't help but notice that he is so inexperienced in the area of foreign policy. At any rate, I think the measure of how well any one of these three candidates does depends on the situations that arise during their presidency.

Sunday, March 02, 2008

Questioning Everything

This blog is heavily reliant on new news, unfortunately, and I simply have not really had enough to talk about politically in the last few weeks. Culminating all of the past 2 weeks of information together I have decided to create a post. I wish I could just come up with relevant news a hundred times a day like Matt Drudge if I could, but I'm simply not that devoted to this. Anyway, the reason why I am questioning everything is that I have become quite cynical over the past year, due to the lack of political truth. You can call it what you will, just know that there's been a lot of lies this past year in politics. I was so energized at the beginning of this election season because I felt that I would be able to make a difference and really elect someone who would be capable of being out next president. I am not energized at the moment and have tried to tune out politics as much as possible within the past few weeks. In my last post I lamented about how much I dislike the candidates we have to choose from. They are absolutely terrible. I'm not going to go on a personal attack rampage against these candidates because that simply does nothing to further my case. I see people on my college campus, in sort of a state of intoxication, praising Barack Obama and wearing shirts with the catch phrase "CHANGE" on them. I think to myself what kind of change are these people looking for? Do they just want a black man in the White House or are they looking for real change? I find Obama to be an eloquent and charismatic speaker, but I don't see any substance. Who are these people that blindly look at the candidates views and completely dismiss them for a buzzword? I understand that people want change, rightly so, yet I don't understand how people can blindly support a candidate they know absolutely nothing about. Fear envelops me when I hear his plans for foreign policy. He's not being rational. I think that going into Iraq was a stupid idea and has greatly hurt our country, yet I do think that the phrase, "You break it, you buy it" still is the case. We cannot leave Iraq right now. There is absolutely no way. All of the candidates have the wrong take on Iraq. There's McCain who wants to stay and have a strong force, there's Hillary who voted for the war and thinks we should stay until Iraq is stabilized with certain benchmarks, and then there's Obama who believes we should pull all of the troops out before 2009. None of these ideas work. Hillary has the plan that would probably be most successful.

These past few weeks in politics have been fairly dirty. Obama and Clinton are experience severe infighting that could in fact injure the Democratic Party a great deal. Obama pretty much has the momentum on his side and is looking to secure the Texas and Ohio primaries to pretty much secure him the nomination. Hillary's campaign really rests on how Ohio decides. So, it looks like Obama will be the Democratic nomination and he will have a difficult road to the White House. He seems to understand what it takes to present himself well, yet there are many Americans who simply won't vote for a black candidate. I don't understand this, but it is something that Obama needs to take into consideration. Oh politics, how exciting!!

Something else I want to talk about is the recent Russian election. From the numbers alone, it looks pretty legitimate. Putin's choice to be his successor was Dmitry Medvedev and he has won the election. Of course Putin will still be involved as the Prime Minister. Medvedev is an interesting guy and wants to establish more personal freedom and relax the iron grip that Putin had on civil liberties. I think it will be a good thing for Russia. On that light note, take care and may God bless.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My World is Falling Apart

First of all, I'd like to mention a little bit about the title of this post. "My World is Falling Apart" really encompasses everything that I feel with the recent political news. I hate to sound so selfish, because that's just not who I am, but this is really hitting home with me. So, this is the first election I will have ever voted in. We have possibly the worst group of candidates I have ever seen run for president. Well, John McCain has all but sealed his spot in the GOP nomination for president. Huckabee is no where close to catching up. Be as it may, I cannot decide what I am going to do with myself. Being a conservative-libertarian type, I cannot choose McCain. His record is simply tarnished by all of these liberal bills that have his name on them. Should I vote at all? I find that every time I find a reason to support McCain, I find two more to not support him. He's his own worst enemy. The comments that he's made will make for a easy victory by the Democrats over him, even if it is a black man or woman on the nomination. I feel like I need to support someone and am not patriotic if I don't vote. I can't vote for McCain with his incessant support of the Iraq War. I can't support Obama with his immediate withdrawl. I feel like Hillary would be the best bet, but the fact that she is a socialist and highly corrupt, I find myself in quite a dilemma. She's also probably not going to win, with the results of the Potomac primary. What should I do? Anyone out there, it would be a great service if you could give me your opinion. I think I might just not vote at all. McCain supports the nation-building that the Bush administration has cherished. I simply cannot morally embrace that idea. Who are we to go around policing other nations? Anyway, I feel like I don't have a voice without Romney still in the race. I was so pumped up for this election and now I am so depressed. We have three candidates who don't deserve to be on that stage. I don't want McCain to be the man who stands for Republicanism or even Conservatism. It is a travesty. I will have to mull over my options and come up with a decision, but I won't have to do that until November. I guess I could just vote for McCain knowing that Obama will most likely win whether or not I vote. My world is politics and I love everything about the subject, but when the American people pick one of the most liberal, cooky Republicans to be their nominee I begin to question everything. I mean, Ron Paul was cooky but in sort of a good way. McCain is just an old has-been. I have a mixed view because I am against the reasoning for the war in Iraq, but I feel like we should stay there and prevent any further violence for the next few years. Isn't there a candidate that isn't Hillary Clinton that supports this view. Get ready for the worst candidates you've ever seen. It should be entertaining to watch.

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Not so Super Tuesday

Well, to start off, happy Super Tuesday to all of you! First of all, if you haven't heard, Ron Paul beat John McCain in Maine and is poised to get 1/3 of the delegates from that state. Intersting, huh? So, on the Republican side we have 4 contestants, two of which really have no chance of getting the nomination. I will vote my conscience and I will vote for the Republican who I think is a "true Conservative". I'm absolutely sure that I won't be voting for John McCain. He will ruin the Republican party. Not only that, but he isn't a "true Conservative." Romney is a satisfactory candidate and probably the candidate I would support if he gets that far. The man reminds me of a snake oil salesman and that probably isn't a good thing. Plus, he has a very liberal record during his time as governor of Massachusetts. I do believe in a separation of church and state and do believe that him being Mormon could make him a questionable nominee. Nonetheless, he's better than McCain. Then we have Ron Paul and Mike Huckabee, the two I mentioned that aren't really in contention. Ron Paul is a great American and a "true Conservative" but he's not going to win and I don't like losers. Mike Huckabee crosses all the lines of the separation of church and state. I agree with Rush Limbaugh in saying that if McCain gets the nomination I will either vote for the Democrat or not vote at all. I'd much rather have the Democrats get the blame then have the Republicans in Congress support a RINO in the White House. I really hope Obama wins the democratic nomination. Hillary scares me and I know that her numbers have been dropping for the past few months. She just said that if people do not want to join the governmental healthcare system, she will garnish worker's wages. I'm not really sure what her thinking behind saying this is. It certainly won't win her any votes. Obama will most likely win the nomination. So, once again we will have to choose between two awful candidates. I'm really not sure what I will do with myself if one of them is elected. I might move. I might just stick it out and wait for a powerful Republican to come to the scene. Maybe the change of guards is a good thing. I guess it balances things out and gets everyone thinking on the same page again and touting real "true Conservatism". Let's hope that Romney wins the nomination and that he can beat the charismatic Obama in the race for the White House. I guess we'll have to wait for the Super Tuesday results.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The "Loving" Husband

Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. School and other matters have been really hectic for me. Anyway, since I have some free time I'd like to talk about what is going on right now in both the Republican and Democratic fields. I always think it's interesting to discuss the Democrats. I'm just going to go out there on a limb and say Barack Obama will be our next president. Terrible? Yes. Shocking? No. First of all, if you've been tuned in at all you know that the Democratic infighting has been at it's worst for the past few weeks. With Obama saying that he's fighting with both Clintons and that Bill Clinton should stop being so involved in his wife's campaign reveals his weakness for the "fight" and also reminds people how much power the Clintons have in the Democratic party. I would say that their influence is dwindling though and that the Democratic leadership going after the Clintons is probably a bad move, considering that Hillary might have a glimmer of hope of getting the nomination. Hillary does not have a message and that is what is killing her. People see her as a female dictator. According to Hillary, "love" was the factor that drove Bill to cross the line in South Carolina. That is hilarious considering that Bill has cheated on her with every woman he meets. Obama is the fresh face and new hope candidate of the Democratic party and everyone seems to like him. He's a little reminiscent of JFK and a lot...I mean A LOT of Democrats like that fact. Listen, I'm a realist not an idealist and I know if Obama gets the nomination, he will most likely win the presidency. The fact is that most people are ready for a black president but not a woman president. No one in the Republican field is sparking my interest at all, except for RP. McCain, Rudy, Romney, and Huckabee all have the same message on Iraq and that is that the President Bush had the right reasons for going into Iraq and still has the right reasons to stay there. I completely disagree with this. Can't you be a Republican and not support the endless war? The dissenting Republicans don't really have a voice except for RP. It's not my fault the guy is a complete nut at times but I have to vote my conscience and if Ron Paul is the only one of these guys who can admit we made a mistake going into Iraq, then I'm going to have to vote for him. Can't there be at least one Republican who can insult President Bush and his foreign policies? I mean come on! George W. Bush has ruined the Republican party as Peggy Noonan has said in a recent article. It's so disheartening to see that people still support Bush as president, especially people with high ranks in college clubs. He is truly an embarrassment to our nation. The situation is that either McCain or Romney will win the nomination. I will go out on a limb and say that it is McCain's time and that he will win the nomination. So, it will probably be a Obama-McCain race and it will be a close one because McCain enjoys a lot of liberal support and he and Hillary are apparently "very close" according to Bill Clinton. So this is what we have to look forward to. Frankly, I kind of want a Democrat in office in order to create true conservatism again and to ignite the base of the Republican party. This election feels eerily similar to when Bob Dole got the Republican nomination in 1996. If the Democrats are elected then we can make fun of a them for a change. Oh how glorious that would be....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Once Again

Again, I am questioning my choice for president of the United States. In recent weeks I have been supporting Ron Paul for the presidency. Even though I know that Ron Paul is probably one of the most honest politicians, I am having doubts that his message for change will really invigorate the American public. I am having doubts about some of his views, primarily regarding foreign policy. I feel like I am in between a rock and a hard place with this one. On one hand, I really am thinking of not supporting Ron Paul because of the number game. In all reality, Ron Paul has no chance of winning the nomination. I know that. People who support him will say differently, but the momentum is certainly not on his side. On the other hand, whom would I support? I don't really care for any of the Republican candidates. The candidate who I would probably support would either be McCain or Romney. As I've stated in my past posts, I believe McCain is a RINO, yet he's changed drastically since his campaign got started. It's really quite a dilemma. I am actually thinking of voting for Clinton in the primaries, just to help out in getting her the nomination because we know that if she gets the nomination, the Republicans will win. I am in quite a predicament. Some newsletters were just released yesterday supposedly written by Ron Paul. To be quite honest, I was a bit shocked. If he said those things that are in the newsletters, I would never look at him the same. I've simply been ridiculed so much for supporting Ron Paul, that I'm starting to believe I might be crazy for supporting him. So, today I will not endorse anyone for president. None of them are worthy. None of the democrats, none of the republicans, and none of the independents. I will simply wait until a nominee is chosen and then I will see if I would like to support that person. I feel sorry for all the Ron Paul supporters out there. I believed he could do something and make a positive change to our country, but unfortunately voting for him is a vote wasted and to be completely honest, I don't agree with many of his policies. I just wanted something different. I guess you could say I wanted "change", the new campaign buzzword, but we all know that would be agreeing with the status quo. I just want a president who has a message of optimism for America, someone who doesn't want to increase taxes, someone who is against voluntary abortion, someone who is a real conservative, someone who is truthful, someone who is intelligent, and someone who can work to get things accomplished. I know that is a lot to ask, but I know it can be done. This election is just so crazy. I hate everyone on both sides. Why can't there be an honest conservative politician in the race? Why am I asked to decide between all of these fools running for office? Why can't the presidential salary be just a little bit more so we could attract some real competition and not just these smarmy weasels. I know I will end up voting for one of them, but really I think I should just move to France. I really like Nikolas Sarkozy. I'm telling you the guy is a great conservative. America would be so much better with a number of people I know being president. Some of these fools, like Fred Thompson are just complete idiots. So, I will not say whom I am voting for, because it really doesn't matter. I still have faith in the democratic process, yet I want to have more faith. My vote, in all reality, won't matter. I am just so pissed off at what this country is becoming that I simply cannot stand it anymore. The economy is really terrible right now (as compared to recent years); the dollar is down to an all-time low, while gold is on an all-time high. Coincidence? I think not. The war in Iraq is getting better, but the surge will soon be over and who knows if the results that have been made will stay in place. War with Iran seems almost imminent if one of the Republicans win. There really doesn't seem to be much room or effort for diplomacy. The cost of tuition is crazy right now. I am just so mad at what the future of this country looks like. I hate people that are apathetic about the presidential election. Ahhh! If I talk about that I I'm going to get on my hobbyhorse. Anyway, I hope you all vote in the election, but don't be surprised if your incomes go down, taxes are increased, and everything else falls apart if a democrat is elected.

Monday, December 31, 2007

The Time For Change

My fellow Americans, aren't you sick and tired of how the values of integrity and honesty in American politics have disintegrated? I know I am and I intend to do something about it. I'm going to vote for Ron Paul. I've posted this before in previous entries. Ever since I've announced my support for him, I cannot stop thinking about what an amazing patriot and politician this man is. I use the word 'politician' loosely because it often carries with it a negative connotation. Ron Paul is probably one of the last honest politicians standing in D.C. I often laugh at people who disagree with him because their reasoning is nothing but personal attacks. They go after his age, his "radical" ideas, and his crazy notion to pull out of Iraq to stabilize our economy here at home. Well, I'll admit that I thought his views were a bit radical at first and still think some of them are; yet I am beginning to understand and agree with his stance on many of the issues. When I would see Ron Paul in interviews and debates, I would ask myself why he was even participating in the Republican debate at all. I've changed my mind and I've done so because of the research I have done about Dr. Paul. About 2 blocks away from my house is a Ron Paul sign and about 2 blocks beyond that another sign. He's the only presidential politician with supporters who are excited and actually want to volunteer and get involved in his campaign. People ask me who this Ron Paul guy is with the signs everywhere and I respond with a little chuckle to their ignorance and say bluntly, "Our next great president". Dr. Paul is receiving the attention of the public because of his amazing grassroots support. He's turned the 2008 presidential election into one of excitement never seen before in any election. He's sparked a newfound interest in politics within me with the desire to create change. When someone criticizes Ron Paul, I ask him or her whom they are going to support instead and they usually have no answer. People aren't excited about the candidates running, with Ron Paul being the exception. He's ahead in Alaska and is in the top three in many other states. He has enough money to fund him all the way throughout the February primaries. He's our only hope. I had a reader comment about how they were thinking about supporting Ron Paul. Obviously, this reader understands the peril that our nation is facing. This reader said that I went a bit over the top with my comment about how Ron Paul was the last, great hope for America. I truly do believe this. He's the only one who will make a dramatic change in how American politics is viewed. Candidates are taking corporate money and positioning themselves to be corrupt in the long run. The mainstream Democrats or Republicans (mostly RINO’s in my opinion) are just two wings of the same bird. I'm passionate about the real possibility of Ron Paul becoming our next president. I think it shows. When I talk about him to friends and family, I feel they can understand the pure, unadulterated respect I feel for the man and his run for the presidency. Never have I been this excited in my life. I urge you all to stay up-to-date on the primaries coming up. The Iowa caucus is in 3 days and New Hampshire soon after that. Let's all hope that we shock the media with a Ron Paul victory. They will never know what hit them, but some may call it a "media bomb". The "powers that be" will be stunned by the huge turnout for Ron Paul. His supporters will show up in snow, sleet, rain, ice, or below 0 temperatures and will not let their voices be stifled. So, I ask of all of readers to take this New Year upon us and do something constructive with it by supporting Ron Paul for President.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Tea Party '07

So the day of reckoning has come and gone in an outpouring of support for Ron Paul. I truly believe that he is our only hope for a better America. I don't think I can be more blunt than I am being right now. The man is honest. You can see it when he speaks to the huge crowds of people that show up at his rallies. You can see the motivation of his supporters with meetup groups all over the country. He has inspired so many to rise up in America's toughest days and make a change. People who have never voted before are now doing so because they believe in what he stands for. This excitement for politics is why I love it so much. People are really getting into it and I love that because it is truly what America, the greatest country on Earth, stands for. If want to make a drastic change, it starts with curing apathy and inspiring action. Ron Paul has done this for so many people. Some may wonder why I will be supporting Ron Paul. The answer is hard to explain. In some respects, I think I'm half-insane to do so. In other ways, I think it will be one of the best decisions I will ever make. I wanted a Republican who has stood up for Republican values. Giuliani doesn't, Romney doesn't, Huckabee doesn't, McCain doesn't, but Ron Paul is a different story. He's always stood by his decisions and never wavered and never flip-flopped. He is one of only two Congressmen to receive a 100% Conservative rating. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to see that what he is saying is what many Americans have been thinking and wanting for quite some time. Do we want another four years of the same old thing? Absolutely not. Both the Democratic and Republican frontrunners are the going to do the same old thing. They aren't going to restore America. We need a president who truly speaks from his heart and Ron Paul is that man. I've never seen a more selfless presidential candidate. He's not running because he really wants to be president. He's running because those around him have told him that he had that the right solutions for America's problems. He's a man of principle and I believe that if he doesn't become president, we will fail as a country. The man's record speaks for himself. The media can ignore him, but sooner or later the truth is going to come out- the truth that the American people want him as our next president and we won't accept media lies. He will win a primary in a key state and news agencies around the world will be shocked. The candidate they so desperately tried to undermine actually WON?! The more the media ignores what is going on, the more hype Ron Paul will receive and the more donations he will rake in. He's already raked in more than $4.5 million today alone and there are a few more hours to go. The Tea Party '07 was a success and I know that people will be cured of their apathy and see the man and his ideas for what they truly are. I will leave this post with a quote by the great Indian philosopher, Mahatma Gandhi. He said, "First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win." This is how Ron Paul will be remembered when he is finally inaugurated as president in January of 2009.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Changing My Mind

I know, it might surprise many of you but I have actually changed my mind on one issue, who I will be supporting of rather not supporting for the Republican nomination. I have relinquished my support for Mitt Romney. Although he's a great guy and an even smarter individual, I honestly see no chance of him winning in the current political climate with his Mormon religion and flip-flopping. I am now supporting Ron Paul. Although this might seem like a strange move, he is a straight talker and an honest and honorable individual. I think he's an even better person than Mitt Romney, but no one can ever really know for sure. At first, I thought Paul was outrageous and just uninformed on a lot of issues but the more I hear him, the more he resonates with what the Republican party truly stands for. He is pro-life, a constitutionalist, pro-gun rights, for smaller government, for the elimination of the IRS and other bureaucratic agencies that have proven to be of little benefit, and against the war in Iraq. Although I don't agree with him on every issue, his message resonates within me and I truly believe he could win against any democrat because he has support on that side of the issue as well. He isn't the typical conservative Republican candidate though. The Democratic Party has shown that it hold no weight whatsoever in withdrawing from Iraq. I don't necessarily agree with him completely on Iraq. I have supported the invasion and occupation for a very long time, yet I am wondering why we are still there and why we are funneling billions of dollars to a cause that I don't really support. I don't think America should be going around and democratizing nations. Ron Paul puts it in different terms i.e. "nation building". He is truly a remarkable person, a doctor who worked pro bono, a loving husband to ONE wife, father to 5 children, grandfather to 17, and an honest congressman who doesn't flip-flop, but stands by his views without wavering. He was one of only four congressmen to support Ronald Reagan for president. The Ron Paul Revolution is real people. Although I haven't made up my mind 100% on him, he certainly has a majority. The other candidate that I could possibly vote for would be Mike Huckabee. Hopefully one of those two candidates gets the nomination, although both are long shots. Ron Paul's support is growing tremendously every day. All in all, I support the Republican Party but I would like to see either one of these gentlemen in the oval office. Anyway, thanks for reading and God bless America.

Energize Me

I hope every one of my readers had a great Thanksgiving. What I want to talk about in this post is the environment. So, you think to yourselves "Why is a conservative talking about the environment?" First of all, all conservatives don't come from the same mold or cookie cutter pattern. We're all a little different in our own way and don't just blindly espouse our views just to stay loyal to the party base. I would like to think of myself as a conservative who is open to other ideas and suggestions. This being said, I already have established views and would only change my mind if someone had enough proof on an issue and damning evidence that their opinion was indeed the most logical in scope. As I have said in my previous posts, the formation of opinions is one of a socialization factor that has a tremendous effect on individual views. And in all fairness, it's difficult to find any "non-biased" information out there. Everyone has an opinion and if they were apolitical why would I listen to their opinion in the first place? It seems that my generation is so apathetic about politics and worldly affairs that their opinions are made for them.

Anyway, back to the environment. I am an economically green conservative. This does not mean that I believe the farce that is "An Inconvenient Truth". I believe that it would be best for the economy as a whole to go green because of the crisis of oil we are facing in our country at the moment. Sitting around the table this Thanksgiving made me appreciate the fact that my family talks about politics. One of the most talked-about issues was the price of gas. This is an issue that is wearing away at the strong seams of our nation. My uncle drives a diesel-fueled truck and if you are "in the know" you realize that diesel gas is closely approaching $4.00 a gallon and is above that price in some parts of the country. He has now invested in a bio-diesel converter that he bought online. Our country is a reactionary country and unless something reaches a threshold, it's difficult to change a already established behavior. The exorbitant price of gasoline has led to a surge in the sales of hybrid cars and other innovations such as flex fuel cars and trucks that use E-85. Even California has buses fueled by hydrogen fuel cells. I am feeling the cost of gas as a college student. Seeing as how my car only gets around 20 miles per gallon, I seem to be refueling at least once a week. This is an important topic for Americans and with the dollar falling to new lows everyday and OPEC thinking about using the Euro rather than the dollar has tremendous effects on our society as a whole. Low gas mileage ratings and the ever-increasing pollution associated with transportation are eroding away at what our country has stood for for 2 centuries, innovation.

Being conservative doesn't mean you can't be conscious of the oil problem that is facing this country. I would have to disagree that global warming will lead to the destruction of our world, but I do admit that the CO2 emissions are having some negative effect. Rather than changing for environmental purposes, which I have no incentive to do, let's change for economical purposes. We import 60% of our oil, much of it from the Middle East. We are dependent on those nations and they can play us like marionettes. If we look at the worst-case scenario, a hurricane could hit in the Gulf of Mexico. This would hinder the production of oil in the gulf and gas prices would soar. Then, if a terrorist attack on oil in the Middle East were to coincide with the hurricane, we are looking at $9.00 per gallon of gas. Huge shortages along with the increasing price would drive customer confidence down and the stock market could lose 20 to 30 % of its value in this span. Oil affects our lives in more ways that we know. Without it, we would be beholden to many negative Middle East deals and stripped of our rights just so oil executives could have another record quarter. We rely on oil. Oil works for many Americans. You don't have to think twice when you go to pump. Oil is readily available. This is the problem. Americans are not concerned with what will happen with oil in the foreseeable future. It's time for change. I have not yet heard any Republican candidates for president offer advice on how they would strengthen the dollar and how they would wean our dependence on foreign oil. It is pertinent that we make this transition to renewable energy not just for the environment's stake but also for the economy and our country's stake.

-“Right wing or left wing, they are both wings on the same bird”-

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Both Extremes

Well, I have something that has really been irking me recently that I want to talk about. This is a blog, thus I do not always have to riddle my posts with tons of newsworthy information and can deviate to more of an opinion post just this once. Listen, I do not care if one is a Liberal, Conservative, Libertarian, Independent, Islamic, Christian, or any other label because all of these labels have the extremes on both sides. There are those Democrats who fall so far to the left that I would have to appropriately name them liberally INSANE and there are those Democrats who lean a little bit to the right who could be named moderates or some other fitting name. With Republicans there are the Conservatives with open minds and then the zealots that scream in your face and don't even want to associate with you if you are a Democrat. I have many friends who are Democrats. That doesn't prevent me from being friends with them. They obviously have reached different conclusions about life than myself. Then there's Islam and could I forget. I think this goes without saying, but there are some EXTREMELY radical beliefs shared by both of these religions, such as killing is the name of Allah. What I really want to focus on in this post is the Republican spectrum of beliefs. I know many out there might not agree with me, but I think this is a bigger problem than ever previously thought. I know people, good people, who are radical beyond belief. I don't fault them for that, yet I might place fault on their upbringing. I truly do not understand how some people can be so unwilling to listen to others opinions that may happen to contradict what they believe. We were all raised differently. I think one thing we can agree upon is that is important to be respectful and listen to others beliefs and then after they are done talking to either give a reason why one agrees or disagrees. We've all experienced something that is unique to every single one of us. This has helped to shape our beliefs and demonstrates political socialization. When talking about persuading others, there's the person who has no opinion, the person who has an opinion but is open to other ideas, the person who has an opinion but is closed minded and unwilling to listen to or accept anything that contradicts their beliefs, and the person who is easily manipulated into believing anything. I know many of these close-minded people from both parties and it really is quite disheartening. I know Communists, I know Socialists, Radical Christians, I know Fascists, I know Atheists, and I know that all of these groups could care less about other opinions. My point is that if you are one of these extremes, ask yourself why you are so unwilling to accept anything else. Maybe it's because the reasoning behind these beliefs might be proven wrong somewhere along the line. I've made changes in my opinions over time, not because of what others convince me to do, but what I think is rational and just. I am not a radical in the least. Frankly, I probably care far less about social issues of this country than most other conservatives, because they really don't make or break our country, in my opinion. Should we really not elect someone because they favor the federalist model of states making those decisions instead of the federal government? I don't think so. All I ask is that people start to look at their beliefs and opinions and maybe think about the reasoning behind those beliefs. We all try to support our opinions with information that favors our cause. This is the common factor in all opinions. People don't want to be proven wrong and will pick and choose whatever fits their opinion. Thus, if someone is deadset upon going to war with Iran, they will pick out intelligence estimates that favor their agenda. The same is true for the other side. Thus, we are just really trying to find an unbiased opinion, which is hard to do nowadays. There's always some bias. I don't care what anyone says about the news being completely fair and balanced. That is just laughable. The news is what it is. It sometimes deviates so far from news that it crosses the line and become an opinion piece. My fellow Conservatives are good and just people, but sometimes the zealots really irritate me. I understand where they are coming from and agree with them on some issues, but if one can't listen to other opinions and respect other opinions, what kind of animal would one be? There are always two or more sides to an issue. Not everything is as simple as black or white because there's always a grey area. Think about it. May God bless.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Hillary and Her Harpy Ways

If you didn't watch the Democratic debate on Tuesday night, you're not alone. Not surprisingly, it was one of the least watched debates since the campaign started. I did catch the headlines and articles about the attacks on Clinton No. 2. Hillary was not on par last night and makes it obvious that she certainly lacks the speaking (or rather the illustrious persuading) skills of her husband. Hillary put on quite a show and as a considerate Republican I tried to listen to what she was saying, yet I couldn't really understand her position. Eliot Spitzer, the democratic governor of New York is trying to get a bill passed that would give driver's licenses to illegal aliens. Hillary, in response to this proposed measure said that is made sense to do so. The moderator of the debate, Tim Russert, then asked her to explain that comment. During her answer, she stumbled over her words and flip-flopped on live television like I have never seen before. She blamed the Bush administration for not enacting any sort of immigration reform, but she went on to say that she did not agree with it and that she did not say it made sense. She has now expressed support for the mandate. Chris Dodd, whose answer to this question was somewhat reasonable for a democrat said that receiving a driver's license was a privilege and that he would never allow such a policy. His answer actually makes sense. If you couldn't tell, I absolutely despise Hillary Clinton. Her voice and the way in which she presents herself make me want to regurgitate. She is the matriarch of socialism and I hate everything that she stands for. I can't stand her and her sex-crazed husband. I do approve of her decision to go to war in Iraq and to call the Iranian Revolutionary Guard a terrorist organization, unlike her colleagues. The Clintons are just far too power-hungry and that scares me a bit. I do want her to win the nomination however, because Republicans will most certainly be successful in '08 if that happens. Good thing that half the country hates her guts. If by some miniscule chance she becomes president, you can bet that I will most likely plan a get-away to a country that actually embraces the idea of work and opposes government handouts.

I also want to mention a little about Speaker Pelosi. She is probably my least favorite democrat aside from Hillary Clinton. I really cannot stand her at all. I don't know how anyone can take her seriously anymore. She's probably the worst Speaker of the House ever to grace that position of power. How she's third in line to the presidency I will never know. First of all, she made a promise to the democrats that she would bring the troops home. She didn't. She made a promise to bring serious congressional oversight to this administration in committee hearings. She hasn't. In fact, she's just wasted everyone's time with these nonsensical hearings. She had a plan of what would occur in her first 100 days in Congress. Obviously, one of those plans was to shorten the overburdening workweek for Congress and her democratic colleagues, in order to get less done. I'm glad that her promises weren't carried out, but it should make democrats infuriated that someone they elected is so incompetent. She's a puppet for organizations like and other war protesting groups. She has no "real" power. She can't really even negotiate with the president. Her time as Speaker of the House will be seen as a mockery. There is a serious backlash amongst democrats against Pelosi, which isn't surprising. Also, the country's congressional support has decreased from when Republicans were the majority. So there!

Liberals annoy me. I understand that they want certain programs so that everyone has the same opportunities. That is all fine and nice until we run into the roadblock that is Capitalism, the driving force behind our strong economy. In this country, you make your own destiny. I don't care whether you were poor as a child. I don't care whether your surroundings made you fail. If anything at all, people in that position should try to find a way to escape that situation and redeem themselves as functional human beings. Get a job at McDonalds for crying out loud! You've got to start somewhere. There's no excuse to failure. Conservatives find the merit-based system to be the way in which society should operate. With affirmative action, this cannot happen. Conservatives take responsibility for their actions. Liberals just whine their way through life asking for payouts from government. There is a story I know of 2 sons whose father was a convict. One became a convict just like his father while the other son turned out to be a successful businessman. When asked why they turned out the way they did, they both responded because of their father. Take a look at your situation and if it isn't favorable, change it. Liberals never learn. They espouse ideas that aren't rooted in reality and they try to overextend government powers from the use of spending. The idealists come up with these ideas, yet the realists are the ones who will have to find a way to raise the money to support these socialist programs. John Edwards wants everyone in America to have a college education. Again, a great idea but when you come back to reality, it just isn't plausible. You have to work to get into college and the government shouldn't have to absolve all of your debts through more taxation. Rangel proposed a 4% income tax hike on people who make over $150,000 per year or $200,000 for couples. This would be the largest income tax increase in American history. Is this who we want running our government? I think we'll be worse off than we already are with a Democrat as president. They want so much that they can't have and so much of what they have already is eroding this country.

Last Wednesday, the Washington State College Republicans, of which I am a member, had a movie viewing of the film called "Obsession". The film is a great representation of the radical Islamic sect that wants to see the destruction of western civilization. I think it's completely non-biased, yet some opponents of the movie see it as an attack on the entire religion. Listen, there are radical sects of Christianity as well. It merely presents the danger behind radical Islam in order to open up some minds to what is really going on. The movie was quite the success, aside from some obstacles we faced in order to present it. The office of the president of the university initiated a response to Islamo-fascist week with a week of tolerance in order to attack what the CR's were doing. Constitutionally speaking, this is illegal and was brought to the attention of FIRE. While I'm on the topic of radical Islam, I want to touch a bit on something I read the other day about how half of Pakistan does not see the need to take out the Al Qaeda forces in their country. This astonishes me. They just don't understand how awful this terrorist organization can be.

That is all for now. I will try to update more often. Thanks for reading.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

What is This World Coming To?

First of all, I'd just like to thank those of you who read this blog on a regular basis. It motivates me to write more frequently than I normally would otherwise. Believe it or not, I probably wouldn't write at all if people didn't read what I write here. Anyway, I really don't have a ton to talk about in this post, just a few things from the past week. Barack Obama has come out to say that he would eliminate the "don't ask, don't tell" policy if he becomes president. I think this is a terrible idea. Even the top officials of the military think this would be a disastrous move. If we lift that policy, it will just be some other issue that the soldiers will have to deal with. I know some people say that this is a violation of rights against gay people, yet I completely disagree. You have different rights when you are part of the armed forces and you have different duties. It could cause numerous hate crimes if this is allowed and I'm sure that the government doesn't want to pay out substantial damages to the injured parties. Listen, people who aren't in the military think that lifting this policy would do very little harm. I've talked to individuals that have served in the armed forces and they seem to think differently.

There is a GOP debate on Tuesday on MSNBC hosted by Chris Matthews. I don't like Chris Matthews and those of you reading this should not like him either. He claims he's independent, but I would have to disagree. If you've ever heard him on his show, you know he panders to the democrats. Anyway, it will be interesting to see how biased or unbiased he is in the debate. While I'm talking about the Republican field of presidential candidates, I should mention that Giuliani and Romney are at the top of the GOP fundraising and Romney is in first in Iowa, with Thompson in second. Ron Paul has amazingly raised $5 million in the last quarter. He seems to be the favorite of the moderates. Anyhow, I want to talk about something that Mr. Rudy Giuliani said the other day. He said, "We lost control of Congress because we were just like the Democrats as far as spending is concerned - shame on us." I would have to agree with Rudy, yet I would have to also make a critical examination of his own record on spending. Funny thing is that he fought to do away with the line-item veto, a way in which spending could be significantly reduced. The Supreme Court ruled that it was unconstitutional in 1998. So, I think it would do him some good to look at his record and really think about what he truly believes about spending. There's very little we can do to limit discretionary spending. Entitlements are where the extra money is funneled to and programs like Social Security, Medicare, and welfare take a huge chunk out the government reserves and that leads to an increase in taxes. If the Republicans don't want to pay higher taxes, then we have to limit the amount of money spent on entitlements and defense or else we'll see a continuation of the ever-increasing deficit.

In other news, there is speculation that Imus will return to the radio waves. I think it's a good thing. I hate when people limit one's free speech, especially on the radio. I am sticking up for Rush Limbaugh, Michael Savage, and Don Imus. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Imus, I respect that he has the right to say controversial statements on air. The senate is becoming the ad and thought police of our society. This has to stop.

I like it how I run into little bits of news that are hidden from view but do talk about highly controversial topics. Global Warming. Or as I like to call it cyclical warming. Every day there's a story about how a city in the US had the hottest day ever on record. With Al Gore being a favorite to win the Nobel, Rob Marciano of CNN said that there are some inaccuracies in Gore's documentary "An Inconvenient Truth". Throughout the movie Gore tries to tie Hurricane Katrina to global warming, yet this is simply not the case. Marciano says that, "global warming does not conclusively cause stronger hurricanes like we've seen." There are so many global warming skeptics out in the scientific community that one has to take the claims of "global warming" with a grain of salt.

I just wanted to mention that I saw an excellent documentary called 'Obsession' about a week ago. It is a terrific film that deals with the culture of radical Islam. Of course not all Muslim people are radical, but there are estimates that about 10% or more are. With 2 billion Muslim people in the world, that's a large number. Anyway, watch it. You might learn something. Thanks for reading. God bless America.

Saturday, September 29, 2007

Unwanted Visitors

I wish I had updated much earlier, considering what I am about to tell you is old news. Nonetheless, I wanted to speak a little about free speech in America. In this country, you have the right to say what you believe and share a dialogue with those you oppose. That is what is so great about America. There are no "thought police" and no one dies or gets tossed into an atrociously disgusting prison cell because they expressed their feelings. There are, of course, limitations on revolting or disgusting speech that is seen as obscenity, libel, or slander. In countries such as Russia, China, Iran, Syria, and North Korea, people don't have this liberty of free speech. They are left without any real criticism of their systems or leaders. They are left without a chance to dissent from their leaders and thus the government "spin machine" takes over. Since the United Nations is an international governmental organization, they can opt to have world leaders come to speak even though they want nothing more than to see America's destruction. Sure enough, the UN decided to allow the ignorant and repulsive president of Iran come and speak to the General Assembly. After his speech, he was invited to give a lecture at Columbia University. People were up in arms about this entire situation. How could we allow such a man to speak in America? I, however, knew that complaining about him giving a speech at Columbia would only fuel the fire. Not to anyone's amazement, Columbia got a HUGE amount of free publicity. Looking back at it, I think this speech at Columbia was good both for the university and for our country. Ahmadinejad spouted off about 9/11 conspiracy theories, denial of the Holocaust, and a hilarious remark about how they don't allow homosexuals in their country. He is an insane individual. Anyone who has doubts about whether or not the Holocaust really took place does not deserve to speak anywhere. That is just not acceptable. I surely wasn't surprised that part of his speech was about the 9/11 conspiracy theories that he obviously has so much faith in. In Iran, they have given the death penalty to homosexuals. Although I disagree with the lifestyle, homosexuals are still people and should be able to live in this world without fear of a death penalty. This man reminds me of a cocky, self-centered, arrogant outcast. Maybe his parents just didn't love him enough. But the reason why I think it was a good idea to let him speak was because it elevated America in a way. Even the president of Columbia said that Ahmadinejad is "a petty and cruel dictator". I think that takes guts. Not only did he invite him to speak but then preceded to openly insult him. That truly shows that America is something special. You don't have to be respectful and considerate to a man who doesn't deserve any respect, even if you invited him to speak at your university. I'm sure Ahmadinejad didn't feel like he got the reception he had expected. I think Peggy Noonan has it right in her article, "Hear, Hear Americans should not fear talking--and listening--to those whose views we loathe". We obviously don't like that man and what he stands for, yet in a way it is our obligation to let the man speak and be heard. That is a lot of what our country is based on. The idea of openness, whether it be in the press, in our government, or even in our belief that other people should have the chance to live in this beautiful country. This is America, the land of the free and the home of the brave.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

We Honor The Fallen

Generation X, of which I am included, has to realize that everything changed on that morning of September 11, 2001. Every anniversary I watch the video of 9/11 on youtube and every time I see those two planes crashing into the towers, I get shivers up and down my spine. Just six years have past but it still seems like yesterday. It's feels so surreal, as if I were there that day. That was the day when we finally realized that radical Islam has struck our homeland. Last night, I helped some of my fellow College Republicans place 2,977 flags in a courtyard to memorialize the fallen victims on 9/11. This was a project brought about by YAF and was called the "9/11 Never Forget Project". While placing those flags into the ground, there was a complete sense of awe. Never had I seen a visual representation quite like this one. It truly is a powerful presentation. I remember last year I posted my thoughts about how people in America have forgotten what happened on that day. It was a terrible tragedy and I find it hard to believe that people could completely dismiss it from their memory; yet that is what has happened. We invaded Afghanistan to eliminate the Taliban and Al Queda. People forget that the "War on Terror" includes Afghanistan. Iraq wasn't really involved, yet there is an imminent danger if we do pull out from Iraq that another 9/11 might occur. I know we hear this rhetoric all the time, yet it's true. What kind of a signal does that give to those people who want America to be demolished? So many lives were lost from the attacks on 9/11. Is it worth it to fight an enemy over 2,977 lives lost? Of course it is and I don't care whether the reason is WMD's or simply that there is a link between Iraq and Al-Queda, which has been factually proven. Listen, reasons for invading the country don't matter now. Watching C-SPAN and Gen. Petraeus' presentation, it is clear that withdrawing all the troops is not a viable solution to the problems. We got ourselves in this mess and we have to get ourselves out. Even if one disagrees with the War in Iraq, one should honor and respect the lives of the men, women, and children who fell victim to Islamic extremists on 9/11. Remember how united we were as a country after the attacks? We had a common enemy, yet now that enemy has become a vague spectacle to some people. The president and his administration are to blame for everything in democrat's minds. How soon we forget that those members of the US Senate who are against the war now, were in fact for it when the decision came across their desks. How quickly we forget...

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Time To Get Some Sense, People!

To put it bluntly, the last couple of days have been quite interesting. First of all, I am starting my second year as a member in the College Republicans on the Washington State University campus. We started our new year on Tuesday. We've got a bunch of great events planned already and I am really excited for the increased media exposure we will hopefully be receiving this year. Our active campaign of spreading the Conservative voice throughout campus has already begun with "The Pull-Out Method Doesn't Work" campaign for the Iraq War. I think it was very successful, although the lack of discussion was a little disappointing. It will be exciting to see so many of our dreams for the club come to fruition this year.

The other news that I was going to mention was U.S. Senator Larry Craig's current scandal. I have never been a huge fan of Sen. Craig, so hearing that he was involved in this bathroom sex solicitation scandal didn't really surprise me. It's been common knowledge around Republican circles that Craig might in fact be gay, although there had to be some sort of evidence to support this claim. Listen, I'm not typically in favor of attacking someone based on their orientation, yet when it is someone in a position of power and that person is being hypocritical about what they stand for compared to what they actually do in their personal lives, then I'm all for it. Do I think it was a sting on Sen. Craig? I'm not sure how to answer that question. There's certainly not enough information at this time to make a case for that, yet I wouldn't be surprised if that was in fact what happened. I'm not from Idaho, so I can't comment on what type of a politician he was, yet it seems to me that the people of Idaho liked Larry Craig. Anyhow, I think that it is good that Republicans around the nation are calling on him to resign. If he did what they say he did, then he should be ashamed. Don't be a hypocrite. Just don't do it. Practice what you preach! I know people that got Larry Craig elected and I'm wondering what they're feeling right now in this time of betrayal. I think I've exhausted that topic for the time being.

I am a Conservative. That means I have predominantly Conservative principles and values. It doesn't mean that I agree with every Republican or disagree with every Democrat. It does mean, however, that I try to do things that don't just help me but rather help others. Many Republicans make the joke that they would like to see Bush reelected to a 3rd term. In my opinion, it's a good thing that this is not a possibility. I do like many aspects of President Bush, yet there are other things about him that I detest. I think it will be beneficial for a new person (hopefully Republican) to take over that position and espouse a different view of the world. The thing about President Bush is that he surrounds himself with "yes-men" and never receives any other opinions on the subject matter. I do think that his presidential success depends on a couple paramount points. If we do succeed in Iraq and if we do something about the Iranian threat, then his presidency will be considered a success. If we fail in Iraq and if Iran happens to take some portion of control away from the citizens of Iraq, then he will forever be seen as a failed president. His reasons for invading Iraq and beginning the "shock and awe" campaign might not be logically sound, yet if he does accomplish what he set out to do, then he will be remembered as a presidential visionary. There are, however some other details that must also be addressed, such as his role as president and whether he took a fairly active or passive role. At this time, it looks to be the latter.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Far Too Many Debates!

Well, I'm back and I'm ready to start talking about politics once again. I had a nice summer hiatus but am back to do what I should have been doing all summer long. Wow, it's really had to begin where I left off. So much has transpired since my last post. Apparently Hillary believes that the surge in Iraq is working. Of course she says that the shift in Iraq is too late and that it should have been done years ago. She has to give the president fault for something or else she's not going to get elected. Frankly, I can't stand Hillary or any of the other Democratic candidates. I do know however that if Hillary wins the Democratic nomination, she will not be able to win. She has far too many skeletons in her closet. I did a Salt Lake City vacation over the summer and there was something very creepy about that particular city. I felt like an outsider in many ways and a minority. As you know Utah (especially SLC) is a hotbed for Mormon religion. I have long been supporting Mitt Romney for president and will continue to do so. To be completely honest, I am creeped out by Mormonism especially when it is the fixture of large city such as Salt Lake. I know I do have some Mormon readers and I'm not trying to offend anyone. Every Mormon I have ever met has been a great, caring individual. I just don't like religion of any kind being a backdrop to the city or state. Anyone that has ever been to Utah or Salt Lake City will agree with me that everywhere you look is a Church of Latter Day Saints or an office building for the church. I'm sure the city does it for economic reasons, but really though I have no desire to ever return to ever return there again. Anyhow, I still believe that Mitt Romney is the most intelligent, capable, and articulate candidate for president and I would love to see him win. In Romney news, Mitt is taking a tough stance on illegal immigration. Personally, I think this important to do. Many of the Republican candidates haven't been tough enough on illegals. If you want in this country, you better be a legal immigrant and wait your turn. Also, Mitt has won the Illinois as well as the Iowa straw polls, which can only help him in the long run. He's gaining more and more support and by the time the primary rolls around I think he'll have enough votes to take the Republican nomination. I wish Fred Thompson would just announce his candidacy already and make it official. It really irks me that he is in second place for the nomination. Republicans, Republicans, Republicans... when are you going to stop voicing your support for someone you know absolutely nothing about, besides the fact that he was on Law and Order? I bet most people don't even know that he was a U.S. Senator for Tennessee and a prosecutor in the Watergate hearings. We'll see how he does when he gets on stage for a debate or forum.

Personally, I think that the number of debates both parties have agreed to is far too many. Most people don't even watch the debates and those who do, hear the exact same rhetoric they've heard in previous debates. With 10 or more candidates running for president in both parties, there are some who are just running to run and would never get elected. I am sick and tired of these debates where the major competitors get the same amount of talking time as the little guys. Apparently Hillary and Obama agree, since they were overheard talking about the exact same thing. Listen, I like to hear the candidate's opinions, just not every week.

I'm going to say something that I think I might later regret. The Republicans have a very slight chance of maintaining executive power in 2008. They've already lost the legislative power to the Democrats. May I add that the Democrats have nothing to show for their time in office so far. Plain and simple, Americans are just sick and tired of Republicans. All you hear about in the news is how Republicans are corrupting government, behind huge conspiracies, or screwing up the world in general. Sadly, I don't think many Republicans see this. The scales shift in both directions and when the public sees one party as not upholding their duty to the citizens of this county, they will vote for the other party. If Hillary wins the nomination for the Democratic Party, I think the Republicans have a good shot at winning. If Obama, on the other hand is nominated, I think he will win most likely win the presidency. I think the only way we can pull off a win is to admit to ourselves that the Iraq War was a terrible mistake and the administrative decisions made by the Bush administration have hurt our chances of succeeding in Iraq. There's nothing I want more than for our country to establish a stable Iraqi government, but there's so many challenges that are hard to resolve. The ethnic and religious makeup of Iraq makes it very difficult to come up with a solution. I do believe we can win and will if we stay in Iraq, yet new strategies have to be implemented and carried out. We have succeeded in many areas within the past couple of months and are continuing to succeed; yet in order to claim victory, we must do more. Republicans are strong on national security and Democrats know this. Hillary even openly admitted that if a terrorist attack were to happen on American soil, the Republicans would benefit. The Republican field has some pros and cons, as does the Democratic field, yet I think the leadership of the Republicans would bring us victory in Iraq, especially after seeing the terrible mess that G.W. Bush has made of this war.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Not Ever Again

Sorry about not updating sooner, but I've been so busy savoring my summer that I haven't had time, nor the will to post anything new on my blog. To be blunt, I am really disgusted with President Bush. I know many people who read this are loyal Bushies, but I am disgusted by how he got us into this mess in the first place. I believe my last post was about how George Tenet was interview on "60 Minutes". All of these bureaucrats are trying to protect their own precious reputations and have stopped caring about the American people. As all of you know, I am a proud Republican and believe that since we are in this terrible blunder of Iraq, we have to stay and finish the job. I don't believe in surrendering or retreating to our enemies and that is something that I am very passionate about. I have to give the credit though to Bush for not retreating to the Democrats demands. Frankly, if we pulled out we'd be in worse shape then we are now. See, people in America are not severely affected by the war and don't think about the outcome on a day-to-day basis, unless someone close to your family is involved in the war. I have thought about it and I know that we will be greatly hurt if we do pull out now. Senator Biden says that there's a civil war brewing in Iraq and we can't fight against two sects of Islam and win. If we don't finish the job in Iraq, we can say goodbye to those carefree days at work and at home with our kids. Those days will be gone and our own people will be to blame for that mistake. As I've said many times, we have an internal war in America where many of these radical liberals are creating an anti-American sentiment all across the world. Listen, I may not like or agree with everything that Bush does, but he is my president and will be for another year and a half. So, you as well as I have to live with it and try to make the best of it that we can.

What really irks me is those uninformed Republicans and Democrats who say the most outrageous things. Take for example Elisabeth Hasselbeck. The news wires are buzzing with everything about "The View" and I frankly hate that show but when Elisabeth speaks, she says the most ridiculous statements. First of all, if you can't agree that Bush is probably one of the most ineffective presidents that we've ever had, then you don't deserve to have the right to speak. Secondly, if you are going to blindly support everything Bush says, at least use your own evidence to support him. Don't go out there and use the common Bush rhetoric. Listen, I agree with Bush on a lot of issues, yet disagree with him on going to war with Iraq and other issues. Elisabeth Hasselbeck gives Republicans a bad name because she goes out there and isn't informed. The same goes for Joy Behar as well as Rosie O' Donnell. The whole show is a complete joke and I can't stand anyone who watches it! You're getting the view of individuals who shouldn't have views because they aren't informed and when Joy Behar said that Bush should leave because of what Carter and Gore said about him, I laughed so hard. First of all, they are both Democrats criticizing a Republican president. Secondly, both Gore and Carter have nothing to lose by saying anything derogatory about our president. So, now Rosie has left the show for good. Good riddance! I don't have to see her disgusting face on the screen anymore. I hope that media outlets realize that people in America dislike Rosie and those who like her are just...well...uninformed and can't make their own opinions so they have to listen to a nut-job who states her far left liberal manifesto with confidence. That's why so many people like her. They like that she has gusto and confidence and she's a bully that can attack the views of "poor little Elisabeth". Donald Trump has it right!

In politics, I am so incredibly excited for the 2008 elections, given that the race has begun in earnest. Romney and McCain got in a heated battle where McCain said, "Maybe his solution will be to get out his small varmint gun and drive those Guatemalans off his lawn." McCain was referring to Romney's change of stance on immigration. So, there's been a little mud slinging in the last month or so, but I think McCain is just trying to say really bizarre and unfounded statements because he fears that Romney is picking up support in some key primary states. Mitt Romney all the way! He's the best candidate the Republicans have seen since Reagan. I think he will be able to win the war in Iraq and do it with ease. He's a candidate for all ages. Vote Mitt for the Republican nomination.